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Walter Fusi was born in Udine (Italy) in 1924 of Tuscan parents. He was part of the Italian artistic avant-garde division and up until 1963, he was a member of the “informale˝ movement. After this important experience, he lived a period of retreat and reconsideration which would then take him towards geometric abstraction. His pictorial research allows him to attain in his work, a rare balance between the analysis of image language and his own artistic sensitivity. From 1965, a period that correspond with his Milano period, he paints works he which he investigates the many expressive possibilities of “concretismo˝. This search enables him to create three dimensional works that ensure him national and international renown. Once over the Milano experience, he returns to Florence in 1979 where he takes up “informale˝ painting once more, however focussing this time on a style that he has refi ned both through experience and his studies of pictorial languages. This allows him To combine a reflexion on geometry with the immediacy of “informale˝. He has held individual exhibitions in Rome, Milan, Florence, Liège, New York and Chicago. He has participated in the VIII Quadriennale D’arte contemporanea di Roma and, in Paris, in the XXV, XXVI, and XXVIII Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, in the XII, XV and XVI salon Grands et Jeune d’Aujourhui, in the Salon de Comparaison and in the XXXI Salon de la Jeune Sculpture. He has also exhibited at the Bertrand Russel Peace Foundation in London, at Art 94 in Brussels and at the Constructivismo 96 in Caracas.
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