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  • Set the Scene for the Story of your Life

    Nicola le Beaun Benic, seascapes

    Within four walls, you create the story of your life. Like an author, you weave together small details to create a space that becomes the setting for this story. In this way, your home begins to speak for you. It becomes a reflection of who you are.

    For this very reason, it is important to fill your space with pieces you absolutely love. These become a form of self-expression, which add detail to your design autobiography. Couches are more than just fabric and fluff, and art is more than just a pretty pop of color. Each item in your home becomes a part of your story. Each item in your home becomes a vessel for the memories you create and share in your home. Each item in your home becomes part of you, a part of your place – a place of relaxation, a place of laughter, a place that is entirely yours.

    At Map Acte 3, we aim to provide you with the illustrations that will add color to your story. In order to create a great space, quality is key. I always say, “I’d rather have a few high quality items, than a bunch of okay ones.” With this in mind, Map Acte 3 was created. Our art house produces high quality artworks in various styles and mediums. This versatility provides artwork for any taste and in any situation. We aim to help you meet your design needs, no matter what your story.

    Explore our website for some ideas that will help you create your story. After all, every author needs some inspiration!

    Nicola le Beaun Benic, cityscapes

  • How-To: Spark Creativity

    We've all been there - stuck in a rut, brain pounding from creativity block. When you hit a wall, it's difficult to bounce back with a creative breakthrough.

    Here at Map Acte 3, we not only cater to those filled with creativity, we are inspired by them. We believe that the development of innovative art and design comes from a cyclical process, involving the give-and-take of creativity from one imaginative source to another. We believe that everyone is and can be creative. To help keep you innovative, and to spark your imagination, I’ve compiled some of my favorite, and most successful tips for gathering inspiration.

    creativity checklist

  • Graphic Content Enclosed! Dare You Not to Look

    henri-boissiere-triangulations-n-2-2013 - graphic BOH074


    Inspired by trends in fashion and home furnishing, 2014 is Map Acte 3’s most daring year yet. The new year brought with it our most graphic images to date. This art work is so bold, so brilliant, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

    Paying homage to artists, like Henri Boissiere, Ernesto Riga, and Allan Stevens, these graphic art works incorporate in vogue style trends, like bold black and whites, and edgy geometrics.

    rig981 rig070-071_3 rig066-067_3 rig072-073_1_3 rig982

    An energetic, expressive, graphic piece could complement any interior. Whether the space is commercial, corporate, or residential, displaying a graphic piece could enhance the aesthetic of any room. Graphic art work can serve as a conversational piece in a minimalist space, or could reinforce the style of a bold interior.

    No matter where the graphic work of art goes, it’s sure to grab the attention of anyone in the room. With patterns and colors so eye-catching, a graphic art piece draws people in, screaming “Made you look!”. With art work that bold, how could you not?

    Sean_Scully_Durango Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.32.54 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.50.20 PM

  • How-To: Custom Request Art Work


    Here at Map Acte 3 we understand that, in interior design, one size does not always fit all. Therefore, we have made it a point to match the versatility of our line with the versatility of our publishing options. As a result, the size, substrate, and finish of most art works can be customized to meet your design needs. As long as the "Customize" button appears on the product item page, you can custom design the art work for your design space.

    Oversized art work can be custom printed, in sizes up to 48 x 96" on Plexiglas, to fill a larger wall space. Art work can also be customized to fit any wall space, as the composition of an art work can be altered from landscape to square to portrait.

    To add interest to an art work, it can be broken up into multiple segments to be hung together.


    If you find an art work you love, but need the colors to match those chosen for accents in the room, we can match the color in the art work to any Pantone color.

    Watch this video to see how you can custom design your artwork!

  • How-To: Create a Project PDF on our Website


    Our new website, www.mapacte3.com was created with our customers in mind. With a clientele composed of interior designers, art consultants, and art enthusiasts, we aim to facilitate the design process for each customer, no matter what their design needs. For this reason, one of the great new tools on the website is a Project PDF creator. This quick and easy-to-use feature is helpful for presentations, as it includes all of the information about each artwork you intend to use for a particular project in a single document.

    Whether you're tech-savvy, or still getting used to navigating the web, this video will be a great assistant, teaching you how to use this Project PDF tool to facilitate the design process. In 3 minutes, you will learn how to create a Project PDF, ready for sharing with your clients, or design consultants.

    If, however, you wish to save images of the art work from our website onto your computer for a project, that is still an easy process as well. To do so, follow these 3 steps:

    1. Click on the image you wish to save.
    2. Once on the product page, you will find two images of the product.
    3. To save an image of the product, either right click on the smaller image positioned under the large product image, and save the image, or click and drag that image onto your Desktop.

    We expect that the use of these features will result in quicker and easier project creations and presentations.

    Happy designing!

  • How-To: Unwrap a Fresh Look With Plexiglas

    nicolas le beuan benic P1020231

    You ordered your customized plexiglas piece. You eagerly awaited it’s arrival. Finally, you open the door to a big cardboard box. What now? 

    You may be excited to have received your unique Plexiglas print, but you may also be experiencing difficulty moving your Plexiglas piece from a box on your doorstep to an artwork on your wall.

    I’d like to help facilitate this process. Follow these 10, easy steps to unwrap a fresh, new look for any space.

    Before you begin, it may be helpful to note that you will need scissors, an open space, and possibly another person to help you.

    1. Clear a space. This box in which you will receive your Plexiglas piece is big, and the artwork itself is even bigger. Give yourself room to unwrap the piece.

    When you receive your box, it will look something like this.


    2. Cut through the tape that holds one side of the box together.

    3. Open the flaps that conceal the work within the box. Inside, you will find a smaller box of cardboard, which is wrapped around the artwork itself.

    4. Hold the wings of the unwrapped side of the box open, and pull the smaller cardboard box out of the larger cardboard box in which it is wrapped. This may be a two-person job. To make this easier, have one person pull the smaller, inner cardboard box, while the other pulls the larger, outer one.

    5. Lay the smaller cardboard box on the floor, in your open space, making sure to keep the side completely covered by cardboard facedown.


    6. Open the flaps of the cardboard that are holding the artwork, to expose all of the bubble wrap. Once you complete this, you will find the artwork to be wrapped in bubble wrap with foam securing the edges.


    7. Take off the tape that seals the bubble wrap around the Plexiglas piece. You will find this around the edges of the painting, just before the foam on the edges.

    8. Remove the bubble wrap from the Plexiglas piece. At this point, it may help to carefully bring the painting upright, so that the bubble wrap can be removed from the entire work.


    9. Remove the sheet of paper that covers the front of the artwork. This will expose the plastic layer that protects the Plexiglas from scratches.


    10. Carefully peel this protective layer from the surface of the artwork. It helps to begin at one corner, and then to work your way down and across the work. Be careful not to scratch the work during or after this process.


    Once these steps have been completed, your Plexiglas piece will be ready to hang! Attached to the back of the piece of Plexiglas, you will find a wooden frame that should be used in order to hang your work of art.

    Unwrap the crisp clarity offered by any Plexiglas artwork to brighten up your space.

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