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  • What We Have to Be Thankful For


    After a year of health and happiness, we’d like to reflect on what we can give thanks for, given the upcoming holiday. Filling our mouths with turkey and our hearts with the love, we also fill our minds with memories of the year to remind us of what this holiday is all about. We are thankful for our families, thankful for our friends, and we are thankful for the opportunities we have been given.

    We are especially thankful for the artists we work with, who, through their creativity and hard work, have given us the color with which we decorate our lives. Their art brings life to our homes, offices, and spaces, and for that we must give thanks.

    Big thanks to everyone around the office; you bring life and joy to the company, with your boundless energy, your drive, and your passion. Without you, we would be nowhere. The dedication you have showed to this company not only reflects your talent, but also strengthens the community we have created.

    Finally, we would like to thank our customers. Your continuous loyalty to our company has only made us want to be better. Our desire to serve you stems from the support you never fail to give us, making us all the more thankful. We appreciate every moment of the past few years we have worked together, and we hope to continue to do so in the future.

    We wish you the best during this Thanksgiving holiday. May you stay happy, your families stay healthy, and your homes stay beautiful.

    Many thanks,

    The Map Acte 3 Family

  • Set the Scene for the Story of your Life

    Nicola le Beaun Benic, seascapes

    Within four walls, you create the story of your life. Like an author, you weave together small details to create a space that becomes the setting for this story. In this way, your home begins to speak for you. It becomes a reflection of who you are.

    For this very reason, it is important to fill your space with pieces you absolutely love. These become a form of self-expression, which add detail to your design autobiography. Couches are more than just fabric and fluff, and art is more than just a pretty pop of color. Each item in your home becomes a part of your story. Each item in your home becomes a vessel for the memories you create and share in your home. Each item in your home becomes part of you, a part of your place – a place of relaxation, a place of laughter, a place that is entirely yours.

    At Map Acte 3, we aim to provide you with the illustrations that will add color to your story. In order to create a great space, quality is key. I always say, “I’d rather have a few high quality items, than a bunch of okay ones.” With this in mind, Map Acte 3 was created. Our art house produces high quality artworks in various styles and mediums. This versatility provides artwork for any taste and in any situation. We aim to help you meet your design needs, no matter what your story.

    Explore our website for some ideas that will help you create your story. After all, every author needs some inspiration!

    Nicola le Beaun Benic, cityscapes

  • Picasso and Lump - Man's Best Friend

    They say a dog is a man’s best friend. When it comes to Pablo Picasso and Lump, this is absolutely true. Their love affair began like any other – from a short meeting budded a lifelong friendship between the two. We would like to honor last week’s artist of the week by documenting the bond shared between Picasso and his muse, a little rascal named Lump.

    During their first encounter, Picasso painted the spunky dachshund on a plate, which he gifted to the pup.

    PIC304Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 1.20.30 PM Roll_99_frame_4_300dpi



    This plate was the first of many depictions of the dog created by the artist throughout their many years of friendship.

    In a variety of media and in different styles, Picasso began to paint his beloved dog. One of the most memorable representations of Lump comes in the form of a single line drawing by the artist.

    These simple, abstract artworks were a collection by the artist that focused on the figures of the objects, people, and animals he was drawing. These were the result of the artist’s talent in representation, bringing two-dimensional figures to life after placing pencil to paper just once. Lines and curves were marked on the paper in just one stroke, and in this way, Picasso created some of his simplest, yet most interesting abstract works of art.

    He not only painted his sweet dog, Lump, but also went on to paint other figures. These abstract drawings are perfect for any space. Their simple elegance complements a chic minimal space, but could also create an air of sophistication for the bedroom of a young adult. Exuding a classic, modern look, these works of art are versatile and timeless.

    Picasso’s representations of this adorable dog sparked the creation of this unique series. Explore some of our favorite works from this collection on our website: http://mapacte3.com/index.php/artistinfo?limit=30&p=1&pid=132

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